eNewsletter – September, 2016

John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R2 Is Ready, Mark Lull: Your TPC Desktop License, Oliver Bochsler: TPC Desktop 2017, Eric Tanikawa: Let’s Tailgate!

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R2 Is Ready

TPC Desktop 2016 R2 is ready. If you are on the TPC Connection, you’ve already received your download instructions and we hope you are already enjoying it.

This release of TPC Desktop is all about SPEED. You can now work comfortably with larger surveys.

Example – 50K Point Survey
Task X faster (2016 R1 / 2016 R2 times in seconds)
Open Survey 9X faster (41.2 sec / 4.8 sec)
Open Traverse View 93X faster (65.0 sec / 0.70 sec)
Regenerate Drawing 134X faster (470.4 sec / 3.5 sec)
Example – 1.3M Point Survey
Task X faster (2016 R1 / 2016 R2 times in seconds)
Import 1.3M Points 71X faster (1141.0 sec / 16.0 sec)

Progress Indicator – Speeding up TPC is on-going for us. We have more work to do. So we’ve added a Progress Indicator. The status bar now tells you what TPC is doing and how many points it has processed. If you have to wait for an operation to finish, you can at least see how TPC is progressing. We hope you’ll let us know if you run into a routine that takes too long and we’ll see if we can speed it up.

Help – If a survey takes longer than 6 seconds to open, TPC displays a prompt, offering you a Help button that takes you to the new Working with Large Survey Files help topic. You’ll find seven tips that will help you work faster in TPC with these surveys large and small.

BETA – Last month, we offered the BETA version of TPC Desktop 2016 R2 to our TPC Connection members. If you ran the BETA and provided some feedback to us – THANK YOU!
John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

Mark Lull, Technical Support

Mark Lull: Your TPC Desktop License

Single User License

When you buy a copy of Traverse PC, you are purchasing a single user license which allows one person at a time to use that license. If two or more people need to run Traverse PC at the same time, you need to purchase an additional license for each person or switch to a network license. (Refer to our License Agreement for more information.)

Courtesy License

You can request a courtesy license so that you can install Traverse PC on a second computer (home computer, laptop you take into the field, etc.). You can then run Traverse PC on either computer as needed. But remember, this is a single user license. Allowing two people to run a single user license of Traverse PC on two computers at the same time is a violation of the license agreement.

Perpetual License

Your TPC license is a perpetual license. That means you buy the license one time and it never expires.

Other big software companies like Microsoft and AutoDesk are switching to subscription licenses you pay for monthly or annually. If you don’t renew your subscription, your license expires and the software stops working. That’s good business for them because they make more money. But it’s not always good business for you.

We don’t like the subscription model either so we are sticking to the perpetual license for our users. We just think it’s better for you – and for us.

Mark Lull, Technical Support

Oliver Boschler, Software Development

Oliver Bochsler: TPC Desktop 2017

We have been cooking up more great improvements for you in TPC Desktop 2017.

For those of you who love the speed improvements in 2016 R2, we’re continuing to work on TPC’s ability to compute and render your surveys quickly. Drawing and computation speed are still being improved in the 2017 version. You can also expect improvements with LandXML imports / exports as well as a few KML/KMZ extras.

Over the next few versions, we also plan to take advantage of that new hardware you’ve purchased recently. Of course, TPC will still run on your older hardware, but newer computers have processors with 8 or more cores, lots of memory and 64-bit architecture. Right now, tech industries in general are reaping huge speed increases through parallel processing, where multiple cores are put into play at the same time. TPC can take advantage is this with very little modification, so you will see it first.

Keep reading my articles to get the inside scoop on what else we’re cooking up for 2017. We’ll see you then!

Oliver Bochsler, Software Development

Eric Tanikawa, Sales

Eric Tanikawa: Let’s Tailgate!

Fall is here, and so are football, fans and FOOD! Tailgate food! Over 27 million Americans enjoy this gathering tradition featuring hamburgers, ribs, steaks, brisket, chicken, pork, and appetizers.

But hold on… the South does have something to say here. Jambalaya with andouille sausage, rice, shrimp & the holy trinity (bell peppers, onions, and celery), or the cajun trinity (onion, carrots, and celery). Add some okra or alligator to bring it to a new level! But let’s not mix-up the trinity for the hamburger which is bacon, cheese & onion!

According to the American Tailgaters Association, the first occurrence of tailgating occurred in mid-summer of 1861—a full eight years before the first football game—in Manassas, Virginia, before Confederate forces and Union soldiers met in the First Battle of Bull Run on—you guessed it—a Sunday. The story goes that civilians arrived at the battlefield in wagons loaded with wines, whiskeys, and food. However, the blue team retreated, but came back to win the war. The first college football game in 1869, Rutgers vs Princeton, fans would travel by carriage, and they picnic not on tailgate, but the “tail-end” of the horse!

Top Ten clues to spot a surveyor at a tailgate:
10. Using a beer bottle as a plumb bob
9. Using several tri-pods as legs for the food table
8. The home team’s flag is on the surveying pole
7. The “orange” flagging is your boundary area
6. The total station is used to spy on the opponent’s food!
5. Your recipe is found in your field book
4. Your food table is your drafting board
3. You use your pocket tape to measure the thickness of your meat
2. You use your transit level for your BBQ grill
1. Your Traverse PC shirt, & cap are your grilling outfit!

The recipe below is a Great Appetizer from Patrick McGannon, of McGannon Surveying, Lorain, OH

ABT’s on the (Big Green Egg) although any covered Grill would be fine.
Makes (40)
20 jalapeno peppers
8 oz. cream cheese
13 oz. Oz package of cocktail wieners cheese filled
1 lb. regular sliced bacon

Remove stem, and cut jalapeno peppers in half-length wise and remove seeds.
Fill pepper slices with cream cheese, place one cocktail wiener on the cream cheese
Cut bacon slices in half and wrap each pepper slice with bacon, secure wrapped (ABT) with toothpick
Place on smoker, with your favorite wood chips. (I use Jack Daniels) cooking indirect at 325 until bacon is slightly crisp. About 40 Minutes.

Wait 10 min and enjoy. Thanks, Patrick!!!

Go Indians! Or Go Browns!

Eric Tanikawa, Sales