Works Like You Think

We designed Traverse PC from the ground up to be the most agile land surveying software available. We accomplish this three ways:

  • Views: We built our software around Views, which allows you create maps using the tools that work best for you
  • Visible Data™: All of your data is always visible and can easily be changed
  • Quick View™: Put simply, the data you upload automatically creates your drawing

Learn More about how Views, Visible Data™ and QuikView™ Technologies make your drawings quick and easy

Traverse PC - the TPC Desktop

Traverse PC – the TPC Desktop

Streamline Your Workflows

Traverse PC is instinctive and intuitive and it makes sense in five simple steps, so you can work like you think!

  1. Research: Every survey starts with records research.
  2. Import Data: Upload from your data collector
  3. View Map:  Quick View™ technology populates the map with your data
  4. Make Decisions: Traverse PC gives you complete control of your map
  5. Create Deliverables: Choose the file type of your choice

Learn More about Streamlining Your Workflows 

Traverse PC - the TPC Desktop

Traverse PC – the TPC Desktop

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey for lands of the Pennsylvania State Game Commission

Daniel L. Barry Land Surveyor LLC – ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey

Handle ANY Survey Project

Traverse PC offers virtually any kind of survey mapping from start to finish in one package.

Our software can help you tackle control, boundary, site, topographic, cadastral, mortgage surveys, construction staking, curve stakeout, subdivision design, road layout, plat checks, area computations and many, many more.

If you can dream of it, Traverse PC can map it!

Learn More about what types of Surveys you can do with Traverse PC

Thomas Wawrzeniak - AMH C1-11 WETLAND & STREAM RIPARIAN ZONES 7-26-17

Wetland and Stream Riparian Zones

Customer Maps

Since 1987 we’ve been designing and perfecting the best software available for land surveyors. Over that time period Traverse PC has created millions of drawings.

We love our customers and they love showing us the great maps they made with Traverse PC.

Check out our maps page to see what our customers have created using Traverse PC!

Thomas Wawrzeniak - AMH C1-11 WETLAND & STREAM RIPARIAN ZONES 7-26-17

Wetland and Stream Riparian Zones

Tammy Kaber - Land Division Surveys with Easements

Tammy Kaber – Land Division Surveys with Easements

Compatibility & Deliverables

Your maps and reports can be delivered in a variety of forms including:

  • CAD: Export any version of DXF/DWG/DXB/DGN files
  • Google Earth: Export KML/KMZ files
  • LandXML: Export XML files, points, surfaces, etc.
  • GPS: Export GPS/GNSS positions
  • And Many More

See our Deliverables page for more information

Industries Served

We take great pride in designing elegant software that makes sense and is instinctive and intuitive. That’s why we’re the choice for businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Our customers love that they don’t need to interact with engineering platforms and invest in learning software that has more features than they’ll ever need. TPC Desktop it’s intuitive enough for people to learn and pick up within a couple days of starting the software.

If you can use windows software, you can use TPC Desktop!

List of Industries Served

Land surveyor working with a GPS unit

Traverse PC Basics – How it Works and Why it Works that Way (44:55)

Learn TPC Quickly

Do you want to get up and running with TPC Desktop quickly? There are just four steps!

  • Step 1 – Learn How it Works and Why
  • Step 2 – Learn About the TPC Desktop
  • Step 3 – Learn About Traverses
  • Step 4 – Learn About Quick ViewTM Technology
  • Step 5 – Getting Started with TPC Desktop or “What do I do now?”
  • Be Productive

See our Quick-Start Guide for more information.

See What’s New

Has it been a while since you last looked at TPC?

  • A lot has changed
  • We’ve added tools you need like LandXML, PLSS, Calibrations, Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions and more
  • And we’ve worked with each one to streamline all your typical workflows

See our What’s New page for more information.

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