TPC Desktop isn’t another CAD program with land surveying tacked-on. It’s point based land surveying software that starts with your data and ends with your drawings. We call it the No CAD Zone®.

Designed for Land Surveying – Land Surveyors deserve to have a program designed specifically for them, and Traverse PC provides just that. The No CAD Zone® offers a fully-integrated survey solution that has the absolute best data entry in the industry, all the necessary built-in COGO tools that surveyors need and an easy to use drawing engine that draws your map as data is entered. Isn’t that the way it should work?

Quick View™ Technology – We can’t say enough about our Quick View™ Technology. You get to see what your data looks like without drawing it and without fiddling with those drawing commands you can never remember how to use. Just choose the settings you want for Control, Side Shots and Lot Labels and let Quick View™ do the rest.

Draw everything the same, or choose settings for individual traverses and you have a very sophisticated drawing without ever drawing a thing yourself. And when it comes to finishing a drawing, our Quick View™ Technology gives you the drawing tools you need to complete your drawing.

The problem with CAD – Many of you have used CAD in the past, as we have in our own survey business. You know the problems inherent in CAD – move an entity and its coordinates change, change scale and the text size changes, multiple lines draw over the top of each other, and trimmed lines have a different length than untrimmed lines – just to name a few. The result is that it often takes much more time to do a drawing in CAD than it should.

The solution – The solution to the CAD problem is the No CAD Zone®. Because TPC Desktop is not built on top of somebody else’s CAD engine, it is not encumbered with the inherent problems of CAD. The No CAD Zone® is the choice for Professional Land Surveyors worldwide.

In the No CAD Zone®, you can drag-and-drop the survey anywhere on the page without changing the coordinates or change the drawing scale and the text size stays the same. Each point and line can only be drawn once and trimming a line for symbols doesn’t change the line length. Smart Drawing Objects like legends, title blocks, line / curve tables and scale bars automatically update themselves as you edit a drawing, and you can include them in the User-Defined Templates so you don’t have to repeat the same steps drawing after drawing. You’ll find solutions to lots of CAD problems in the No CAD Zone®.

CAD Compatible – The many CAD work-arounds and the costly CAD updates and modules make using CAD for surveying impractical and expensive! Of course TPC knows that not everyone is lucky enough to have left CAD behind. That’s why Traverse PC maintains full compatibility with AutoCAD and many other programs.

You have now entered the NO CAD ZONE®!!!.

No CAD Zone®:Sneak Peek (3:00)

  • 0:00 Add line labels with Traverse Drawing Settings
  • 0:56 Add lot labels
  • 1:15 Adding a curb return
    • do the COGO to put in the return radius
    • updates line
    • updates line labels
    • updates lot area
  • 2:35 add leader to line label
  • 2:46 add lot setbacks