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PLSS (Public Land Survey System)

TPC Desktop Makes Working in the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Easy and Intuitive


Since each view in TPC Desktop is able to work with grid or geodetic coordinates independently, you are able to work with your normal grid data and at any time. Even switch over to ground data. This makes working in the PLSS extremely intuitive and easy.

  • Offset Interval (Line Posting)
  • Single Proportion
  • Double Proportion
  • Medial Lines
  • Irregular Boundary Adjustment
  • Grant Boundary Adjustment

TPC Desktop Professional Edition is the only complete land surveying software package on the market that completely and intuitively supports working in the PLSS.

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Tammy Kaber - Land Division Surveys with Easements

Tammy Kaber – Land Division Surveys with Easements

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