Here at Traverse PC, we understand that buying software is just the beginning of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

You also have to add in the cost of learning and updating the software plus getting support when you need it. And in the long run, these costs usually far exceed the purchase cost.

Purchase Cost

We offer three Editions of TPC Desktop so you only purchase the tools you need. And when you want to upgrade to a more powerful edition, you pay only the cost difference between them.

Learning Cost

TPC Desktop thinks like a surveyor. So many of you will just start using it, without really thinking about learning it. We have people send us maps all the time that they just completed – their first day of using TPC Desktop. We love it. That’s just the way it should work.

If you do need help getting started, we provide printed learning guides and on-line videos that walk you through the basics, step-by-step. They are ‘cook book’ examples with steps and screen shots to follow.

Yes, we know that other software providers say their software is easy to learn. Right before they tell you that you’ll also need to learn CAD because they are CAD-based. But don’t worry, they can provide the extra training you will need. Just don’t stop to think how much your time is worth – because it all takes time.

Update & Support Costs

We’ve combined these two costs because it all depends on how a manufacturer packages their costs to you. At Traverse PC, we spell out our update policy in plain english along with your support options.

What do most TPC users do? – Most TPC users learn TPC on their own, rarely use our technical support and order the updates they want when they want them. And because we ALWAYS provide an update path, the most you will ever pay to update an old copy of TPC is just 50% of a new copy. It’s our way of saying thank you for using TPC Desktop.

How much is a typical updates? – Updates vary by Edition, but are usually around $300 for Personal and up to $500 for Professional. We also offer specials at release time that reduce these costs even further.

How much does support cost? – Most of our users never pay for any technical support because much of it is FREE. We provide free downloads, videos, e-Learning guides, incident reports and access to user forums. Those that do purchase support, usually purchase the TPC Connection which combines updates and support.