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Personal Edition

  • $59.95/mo – subscription
  • $995 – perpetual license
  • TPC Desktop Personal offers the Basic COGO, Basic Drawing Tools, Basic Traverse Adjustments, Custom Reports and Import/Export tools you’ll use everyday.
  • Forestry / Assessors / Landscape Design / Construction / Plat Checking

Premium Edition

  • $79.95/mo – subscription
  • $1595 – perpetual license
  • TPC Premium Edition provides the tools to perform routine land surveying tasks and may well serve the needs of many surveyors not fully engaged in more advanced surveying projects. If you don’t need profiles, vertical curves, cross-sections or Least Squares Network adjustment – this may be just the right edition for you.
  • Surveying / Mapping / Construction / Accident Investigation / Septic Design

Professional Edition

  • $99.95/mo – subscription
  • $1995 – perpetual license
  • TPC Professional Edition is the “complete package” for land surveying.  The powerful list of features provide the tools to perform basic as well as advanced surveying tasks.
  • Surveying / Engineering / Highway / Accident Investigation / Septic Design / Geodetics / PLSS

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  • TPC Professional Edition has all the tools to help you teach geomatics, resource management, engineering, accident investigation and more
  • FREE to qualifying institutions

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FREE  On-Line Resources

Your TPC Version Home Page

  • Start Traverse PC Desktop, choose HelpSupport (this version)
  • You’ll find FREE on-line resources for your version of TPC Desktop

Comprehensive Annual Support

  • TPC Connection – starting at $200/year
  • TPC is committed to the success of our users. That’s why we offer the TPC Connection annual membership
  • TPC users can eliminate concern about TrainingTechnical Support and Update costs
  • Early Renewal Pricing is 10% off listed prices

Support Incident

  • $75/incident
  • Charged to your credit card at the time of the call
  • Once the specific problem is resolved the Incident is considered over
  • Seriously, we only do a couple of these a year


Expert Training Staff

  • We offer expert training by qualified, supervised staff
  • Decades of technidal training experience

Screen Sharing

  • We use internet screen sharing to to work with your surveys on your computer
  • You watch as we walk you through the steps
  • Then we watch as you repeat the steps and learn for yourself
  • It’s pretty neat!

TPC Connection

  • One-On-One training is included at no additional cost to our TPC Connection members

Personal One-on-One Training

  • $75/half-hour
  • If your are not on the TPC Connection, you can still purchase one-on-one training
  • A member of our highly trained technical support staff will log into your computer, so you can work on your computer and your survey

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