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Designed to Handle ANY Land Survey Project

TPC Desktop offers virtually any kind of surveying from start to finish in one package. Breeze through small traverses or work through large surveys with tools like multiple traverses, point protection, and standard database features like search, replace and query.

Traverse PC can help you do control surveys, boundary surveys, site surveys, topographic surveys, mortgage surveys, construction staking, curve stakeout, subdivision design, road layout, plat checks, area computations and many, many more. If you can dream of it, Traverse PC can map it!

This survey was carried out to alter the boundaries of existing lots through subdivision and consolidation and involved a number of Municipal Subdivision By-Law requirements.

Boundary Surveys

Traverse has the tools to help you with deed research, finding monuments and projecting locations, computing your control points and side shots. And when you’re ready, you can move easily from a control survey to a topo or site survey.

Site Surveys

Sometimes, your surveys end up being a little bit of everything on site. Like shore lines, rock walls, driveways, vegetation, buildings, and you name it. Traverse’s Point Codes turn your field data into your map.


Topographic Surveys

Traverse has all the tools to generate surfaces, edit breaklines, exclude areas, compute volumes and do slope analysis. And if you need to export to CAD, we deliver a complete polyfacemesh along with your contours.

Daniel L. Barry Land Surveyor LLC - Plat of Minor Subdivision

Construction Surveys

You’ll find all the tools to compute offsets, setbacks, points on line and pretty much anything else you need. Traverse even has tools to check linework from CAD drawings so that each line starts right where the last one ended. And we makes it easy to convert grid to ground and export just the points you want to your data collector, total station or GPS.

Daniel L. Barry Land Surveyor LLC - Plat of Minor Subdivision

Plat Checking

Traverse has all the tools to convert objects in a CAD drawing to survey, pick CAD lines and labels and turn them into bearings and distances entered right into the Traverse View. And it’s easy to check closures, offsets, areas and more.

Mortgage Surveys

Spend a few days doing a couple more surveys and you’ll be up and running TPC like a pro.

Thomas Wawrzeniak - AMH C1-03 SUBDIVISION SITE PLAN 7-26-17

Subdivision Surveys

Use TPC’s tools for alignments, right-of-way offsets, lot setbacks, predetermined areas and more to generate subdivision roads and lots. Labeling lot lines and areas is easy with our Traverse Drawing Settings. And our automatic lot setbacks let you specify which lot lines are Front / Side / Rear and TPC does all the rest.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey for lands of the Pennsylvania State Game Commission

ALTA/NSPS(ACSM) Land Title Surveys

Traverse has all the tools to help you meet the minimum standard for Positional Tolerance and Relative Positional Precision using our built-in Least Squares network analysis. You’ll also find all the necessary drawing tools like Line Tables, Lot Tables and Curve Tables.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey for lands of the Pennsylvania State Game Commission
Tammy Kaber - Land Division Surveys with Easements

Public Lands Survey System (PLSS) Surveys

Traverse does the PLSS with ground distance and true bearing via the 2009 BLM Manual of Survey. We’re the only ones who do it that way from start to finish. That means better data, so there are no apparent misclosures when you close a section.

Tammy Kaber - Land Division Surveys with Easements

Other Types of Surveys:

Traverse PC is not just powerful software that’s and easy it to use. It’s also extremely versatile because its not designed to be constraining to the user. Instead we developed TPC Desktop to work the way the you prefer, offering multiple ways, or Views as we call them, to produce your deliverables. You learn two or three of the many views and you’ve learned the software. Over the years this has resulted in clients that use TPC Desktop in countless applications and industries. Here is just sampling of what our clients have used Traverse PC for:

  • Right-Of-Way Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • Tunnel Surveys and Mapping
  • Road/sidewalk planning
  • Landscape Design and Mapping
  • Parking Stall Design and Planning
  • Septic Design
  • Wetland Mapping
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Metes & Bounds
  • Small Municipality Infrastructure Mapping
  • Farm & Ranch Infrastructure mapping
  • Road Planning
  • Utility Line Mapping
  • Storm Sewer Mapping
  • Mineral Deposit Mapping
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • We’ve even had a customer design their ski resort chairlift with Traverse PC!

Tammy Kaber - Land Division Surveys with Easements

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