What kinds of surveys to you do?

Site, Topo, Boundary, A.L.T.A., Right-Of-Way, Construction, Tunnel, Mortgage, Subdivisions?

We’ve looked at every aspect from records research to field-to-finish to final drawings, finding ways to make your work fast, efficient and fun again.

Whether you specialize in certain kinds of surveys or tackle whatever walks through your front door, TPC has innovative technologies to streamline your workflows.

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Mortgage Workflow
Mortgage Workflow

Mortgage Survey

A great place to start learning TPC 


You can sit down to your first mortgage survey or boundary line adjustment and learn to use TPC in a few hours. Try that in a CAD program.

Spend a few days doing a couple more surveys and you’ll be up and running TPC like a pro.

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Jim Riotto - LS3911, Paradise, CA
Line tree on the boundary between Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA and private lands.

Boundary Survey

Figuring out where to hang your hat

TPC has the tools to help you with deed research, finding monuments and projecting locations, computing your control points and side shots.

And when you’re ready, you can move easily from a control survey to a topo or site survey.

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Site Survey

Letting Traverse do the drawing

Sometimes, your surveys end up being a little bit of everything on site.

Like shore lines, rock walls, driveways, vegetation, buildings, and you name it.

TPC’s Point Codes turn your field data into your map. They’re pretty neat and so easy to use.

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Point Codes
3D Perspective on Contours
3D Perspective on Contours

Topographic Survey

Create and edit a surface

TPC has all the tools to generate surfaces, edit breaklines, exclude areas, compute volumes and do slope analysis.

And if you need to send it to CAD, they get a complete polyfacemesh along with your contours.

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Above the Arctic Circle

Construction Staking

Putting a design onto the ground

Do you put a lot of stakes in the ground?

You’ll find all the tools to compute offsets, setbacks, points on line and pretty much anything else you need. TPC even has tools to check linework from CAD drawings so that each line starts right where the last one ended.

And TPC makes it easy to convert grid to ground and export just the points you want to your data collector, total station or GPS.

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Traverse View
Traverse View

Plat Checking

Learn tips and tricks for plat checking

TPC has all the tools to convert objects in a CAD drawing to survey, pick CAD lines and labels and turn them into bearings and distances entered right into the Traverse View, like the one shown here.

Check closures, offsets, areas and more.

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Plat Check Learning Guide

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Meeting the ‘Minimum Standard’

TPC has all the tools to help you meet the minimum standard for Positional Tolerance and Relative Positional Precision using our built-in Least Squares network analysis.

You’ll also find all the necessary drawing tools like Line Tables, Lot Tables and Curve Tables.

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Medial Lines
Medial Lines

PLSS (Public Lands Survey System)

Follow along in this BLM training session

TPC does the PLSS with ground distance and true bearing via the 2009 BLM Manual of Survey. We’re the only ones who do it that way from start to finish. So there are no apparent misclosures when you close a section. Instead, TPC computes the section just like the GLO did way back when.

You can follow along with a complete training session we did for the BLM and learn how to compute, adjust and map on the PLSS.

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Cadastral Learning Guide
Planning Webinar
Planning Webinar


Quick and easy

TPC doesn’t claim to be a CAD design program, but when it comes to things like laying out parking stalls, we have some tools that will put a smile on your face and some dollars in your pocket.

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Traverse PC’s Planning Workflows Webinar: February 21 & 21, 2018 (1 hr 5 min)



Tunnel Surveys

What about the surveys you don’t do everyday?

We get kudos from folks around the globe who use TPC for some amazing projects.

In this article, Mike Adams uses Traverse PC on a major project at Lake Mead for the SNWA (Southern Nevada Water Authority).

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