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TPC isn’t another CAD program with surveying cobbled on. It’s Land Surveying Software…From Your Point of View.

It thinks like you. Points, surfaces, boundaries, alignments, drawings, coordinate reference systems, least squares, COGO, closures, CAD files and the list goes on.

It has everything you need… and nothing you don’t.

It’s instinctive and intuitive.

It makes sense.

… so you can work like you think


TPC Desktop
TPC Desktop

TPC Desktop™

We designed Traverse PC from the ground up to be a surveying program, building it around Views. They are the backbone of TPC Desktop™ and provide a simple yet very powerful environment for you to work with your surveys. Put them all together and you have the TPC Desktop™.

We like to say the Power is in the Views. Once you know the Views, you know TPC!

Better By Design™ (7:41)

TPC Desktop

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Visible Data™

Tools like the Traverse View shown here, give you access to all your data. Right-click any survey object (line, label, symbol) in a drawing and TPC can take you right to that point in a traverse.

Come back to the job 6 months later and pick up right where you left off.

Entering a Lot Traverse (16:07)


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Quick View™ Technology
Quick View™ Technology

Quick View™

We can’t say enough about our Quick View™ Technology. You get to see what your data looks like without drawing it and without fiddling with those drawing commands you can never remember how to use. Just choose the settings you want for Control, Side Shots and Lot Labels and let our Quick View™ Technology do the rest.

Draw everything the same, or choose settings for individual traverses and you have a very sophisticated drawing without every drawing a thing yourself.

Quick View™ (7:30)

 Quick View™

Frequently Asked Questions

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