Export Surface to CAD: Sneak Peek

Are you ready to share your surface with the project’s CAD users?  

CAD Ready Surface

TPC exports more than just a pretty picture for a surface. It writes out the Polyfacemesh with triangles, exclusions, layers, contour lines as if it had been created in CAD.  They will work with the exact same surface you are using in TPC.  So computations for things like volumes and slope analysis will always be spot on.


How It Works

TPC exports the contours on their own layers.

  • TPC exports contours LWPolylines if contour labels are not included.
  • If contour labels are included, TPC exports contours as contiguous Polylines with the CAD line type displaying the labels.
  • The contours work perfectly in 3D perspectives.

TPC exports the entire surface as a Polyfacemesh

  • These are the faces of the TIN (Triangulated Irregular Netork) TPC used to create the contours.
  • CAD programs can run all their CAD routines on the surface, as if it had been created in CAD.

Do More

Of course, when you need them, TPC provides other surface tools like volume, slope analysis, cut/fill sheets and more.

We provide step-by-step instructions in our Surfaces Learning Guide and lots of help in our Learning Center.

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Export Surfaces To CAD (2:32)