Reply To: Updating directory for your templates


Default Update Steps: The first time you run a newer version of TPC you just installed, TPC looks to see if you have an older version of TPC installed. If you do, TPC asks if you want to copy the program data (blocks, templates, etc) from that older version forward to the newer version you just installed. If you choose Yes (the default) you will get your templates, custom point symbol, etc.

C:\ProgramData\Traverse PC\TPC Desktop 2019\ – this is where your TPC Desktop 2019 program data is stored.

If for some reason you find that you don’t have your templates, custom blocks, etc. you can get them anytime with the following steps
1. From the TPC Desktop choose Tools, Program Settings and left-click the Program Data tab.
2. Look for the Copy program data from folder button and left click it.
3. Select the version of TPC you want to copy from, by selecting its program data folder, like TPC Desktop 2018 (C:\ProgramData\Traverse PC\TPC Desktop 2018\).

TPC will do the Default Update Steps: described above using the folder you just selected. Now restart TPC and look for your templates, blocks and point symbols. They should all be there.