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When using the legal description generator, is there a way to marginalize the legal description text width to be consistent so I can copy and paste into a new drawing (Legal Descriptions) and not have to edit the widths manually?
I used the text box, drag over the drawing area I wanted. I inserted “pasted” legal description in text box area which seemed to control the text width better. Any other suggestions?

TPC’s legal description is line or paragraphs, depending on your settings, that can word wrap based on whatever is displaying them. In the case of pasting a legal description into a drawing, you chose to insert it into a text box, which is perfect, since the text box can be resized to whatever width you want, and the legal description will word wrap within that.
If you use the single line per course option, then each course will start a new line and the text box will word wrap each individual line as needed.

Question above
I just noticed that my bearings are state plan not true bearing mean course, How do I change the export format in the legal description generator?

These are controlled by the traverse being described. In the Traverse View, View, Format View, Advanced tab, you can select whatever Distance and Direction types you want.
The legal description styles will let you then format how you want the bearings/azimuths displayed.