Reply To: Two points Resection


Resections are entered and computed in the Traverse View, which you format for the data you are entering (field angle, zenith angle, slope distance, etc). I call it [data] below.

In this example, we will compute the position of point 1, which is our occupied station (OP). TPC doesn’t display OP in the Type column, but I put it here for clarity.

Point Type [data] [coordinates]
1 OP computed by the resection
100 BS data known coordinates
101 RS data known coordinates
102 RS data known coordinates
2 now that we have coordinates for point 1 from the resection above, we can continue traversing

Once you have entered point 102 and its data, the Traverse View will automatically compute the resection coordinates for point 1.
Any time you choose Tools, Recompute for the traverse, TPC also recomputes the resection for point 1.

Hope this helps.