Reply To: Detail


To expand on what John stated, the following procedure can be used to create Details, Vicinity Maps, Plan with Profile. We will refer to all of them as details in these steps.

  1. Figure out about how much room you expect the detail to take up on the
    drawing (4 X 4 inches for example)
  2. Start a new drawing using the Empty.DRT drawing template
  3. Choose Tools | Print | Print Setup
  4. Set the Printer Name to Traverse PC PDF and choose Properties
  5. Click the Advanced button
  6. Click the Paper Size: pulldown and choose PostScript Custom Page Size
    1. If the Edit Custom Page Size button appears, click it
  7. Set the Width and Height to what you determined earlier (4 and 4 in our
    example) and choose OK
  8. Choose OK on the Advanced Options window
  9. Choose OK on the Traverse PC PDF Document Properties window
  10. Choose OK on the Print Setup window
  11. At the Page Setup window, set the following options:
    1. Paper Size: PostScript Custom Page Size (the preview at the top
      should look how you expect based on the size you set)
    2. Orientation to Portrait or Landscape depending on your need
    3. Margins – Set all of them to zero
  12. Choose OK
  13. Set this drawing up to display precisely what you want to show in the
    detail you want in the original drawing

    1. If you want the detail to be at a specific scale, set this drawing
      up at the desired scale and insert a scale bar if desired
  14. Once the drawing is exactly what you want for your detail, choose Tools
    | Export Drawing As
  15. Set the Type to PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  16. Set the filename if You want something different than the default
  17. Choose Export
  18. Close the dialog when the export is finished
  19. Open the original drawing that you want to insert the detail into
  20. Go to the View menu and make sure that Paper Space Mode is turned On
  21. Choose Insert | Picture
  22. Select the picture file you just Exported and choose Open
  23. Left-click in the drawing about where you want the detail and then
    left-click a diagonal corner when the image looks right

    1. If you want to ensure that the detail is at the same scale as the
      what you set in the detail drawing, right-click the detail picture and
      choose Properties
    2. Make sure the Paper Space checkbox is checked and set the Width and
      Height to the page size that was set in the detail drawing (4 and 4 in
      our example)
    3. Choose OK
  24. Move the inserted detail wherever you need it to be