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      I spend a lot of time numbering with circle outline and alignment for my corner notes and map references. Is there a quicker way to accomplish this?


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      Are you thinking mostly about creating the circles with consecutive numbers?
      – I often insert a text label 1, with a border drawn around it
      – then I copy this with the R for repeat as many times as I need
      – I then double click each one and change the text to the next consecutive number
      – This goes very fast. Are you looking for something different?

      Or are you thinking about an easier way to align them?
      – After I have my numbers and notes in
      – I select the numbers and align them
      – I sometimes also select the notes and align them
      – This goes very fast also. Are you looking different?

      Thanks for asking. Some times the little things can make a huge difference.
      Just let us know some specifics.

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      Sorry for the delayed response; I do actually what you have done. I was thinking of auto label and alignment for corner notes, map references and deeds all in one.
      R1 = Book 49 of Surveys, Page 1 John Olson LS 3115 1978
      R2 = Book 50 of Parcel Maps, Page 1 John Olson Ls 3115 1979
      D1 = 2001-9113-4, GRANT DEED
      D2 = 1996-9129-2, GRANT DEED

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      So what are you envisioning?

      Drawing View, Insert, Notes…
      Dialog asks for format, like D1 = [note], D2 = [note], etc. how many you want then lets you pick the starting location.
      Now you have
      D1 = note
      D2 = note
      Now you can edit each note and put in what you want?

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