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      Wes Cannady


      I’m trying to calibrate field points to deed points. Can you please look at the attached files and let me know if there’s a way to calibrate a field file to a deed file? I would like to hold one point as the pivot point and another as the alignment point, then be able to use the reverse calibrate to send new points back to the field points file.

      The attached files are as follows:
      1) Deed Points.csv file is the record points
      2) Field Points.csv file is the field located points

      3) The Adjusted Points.csv file is what I would expect to get based on the following steps:
      a) Translate Field Points from Field Point #102 to Deed Point #2
      b) Rotate Field Points from Line #102-#101 to Deed Line #2-#1

      I’ve tried to do a 2D Conformal calibration with the number sign (#) in the point descriptions of the field points to correlate to the deed file. Please see the attached reports.

      TPC Build: (11302021)
      Windows 10

      Thank you.

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      I’ve attached back It has a trv file you can open with the traverses I used.

      Your Objective
      If I understand what you are asking, you don’t want to use a calibration created by calibrating from Field-Measured to Deed-Points. Instead, you want to use a calibration that mimics a manual translate / rotate of the Field-Measured to Deed-Points.

      What’s the Difference?
      With a manual translate/rotate, you control the transformation from Field-Measured to Deed-Points. If you had calibrated from Field-Measured to Deed-Points, the calibration would have determined the transformation. One of the characteristics of your manual translate/rotate is that there is no scaling. Either way it fine by Traverse PC. You are always in charge of making decisions like that.

      What not to do then
      That being the case, you do not want to create a calibration From: Field-Measured To: Deed-Points.

      What you do want to do
      Instead, you want to do this
      1. Create a duplicate of Field-Measured (TPC names it DUP-Field-Measured) with its own points, and translate/rotate that traverse to Deed-Points.
      2. Create a calibration From: Field-Measured To: DUP-Field-Measured.

      Now, the calibration that is created, mimics your translate/rotate.

      Let us know if this is what you are after.

      You can also play around with creating a calibration From: Field-Measured To: Deed-Points and turning of scaling. Might also get you what you want.

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