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      this is either a can i do it or a request for a new function in TPC, it’s more related to how the line appears in the drawing.

      I am creating a traverse delineating an access controlled line. I am using the rise 2 .. vertical line top linetype. I want the tick on the other side of the line, is there a way to change the direction that the a traverse is going .. ie … if it went from points 1-2-3-4-1 i would like to reverse the traverse to go 1-4-3-2-1 so the tics are on the correct side of the line. my other option would be to create a new linetype.

      another reason to reverse the traverse would be to change the direction that the legal description maker goes. In this case perhaps even be able to give the POB number that the traverse should begin with. ie if the traverse went 1-2-3-4-1 i could reverse(or not) the traverse and begin at a named point in the traverse 2-1-4-3-2

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      This is usually very easy but it does depend on the spatial relationship of the points. There is not a specific “reverse sequence” tool but usually the Sort function handles it well. Open the traverse View, select the point that you want to be the first point and choose Tools | Sort to do a nearest neighbor sort of the traverse starting with the selected point. This will handle most of these situations.

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