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      Gary Ganjon

      Looking for a way to create a deed mosaic and maintain the individual deed bearing bases.

      Usually I would create a deed plot/mosaic by inputting the deed information and rotating / translating the various deeds ( on various bearing basis) to “fit” together. This however creates a plan of pseudo-deed bearings.

      Id like to do this and maintain the original deed bearing basis yet have the deeds all rotated to match each other.

      In a Autocadd environment each deed would be input individually, then a block would be created of the deed and rotate / translate that block to fit in with other deeds. This way the line information is only text and not affected by the rotation. So, in model space you would have all these deeds separately plotted on their original deed basis on the periphery and then duplicated and rotated together for the deed mosaic plan with the original bearings displayed.

      Any thoughts on how to do this would be appreciated.


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      My initial thought is that you could Duplicate (not copy) the original deed traverses and then rotate/translate the duplicates. This would leave you with the unrotated/untranslated traverse as well as the duplicates that you have fit together.

      Note that you could also export the original traverses to a CAD file and then import the CAD file but I’m not certain that that would be the easiest or best way to do it.

      Maybe there is another user out there with other ideas?

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      WE will add this as a program feature. Maybe something that lets you lock in the bearings so they don’t change. Then you could rotate/translate that record deed as needed to plot along side other deeds.

      Great idea!

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