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      Brian Davis

      I have imported an ESRI Shapefile (My local County GIS Topo) into my drawing. I was wondering if there was a quick/easy way of editing or “clipping” the un-needed portions of the ESRI shapefile? I have attached a PDF copy of basically a screenshot of my drawing. I have drawn a rectangle (red dashed lines) beyond my drawing. Basically what I would like to do is get rid of all the GIS contour lines which fall outside of the bounds of the red-dashed rectangle. Is something like this possible without using the break command to break each individual contour line at the rectangle (tedious and time consuming process).

      Any help or input on this would be greatly appreciated!

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      Yes. You clip the survey space. See https://traverse-pc.com/WebHelp/topics/qv-clipping-survey-space.htm

      This is a great tool for limiting background photos, GIS files, etc.

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      Brian Davis

      Many Thanks!!

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