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      Sergio Sanchez

      I’m exporting my data in NAD83 CA Zone 5, US Survey 5, and adding the LatLong to the export file, but it comes out in DMS. Is there a way to change it to Decimal Dregrees? Thanks for your help.

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      What a great question!

      Choose Tools | Program Settings and go to the Units tab. Set the Angles to Degrees instead of DMS, choose OK and re-export the file. Once you have the export that you need, change the setting back to DMS.

      I will add a suggestion to our suggestion database to provide a setting for this in the export settings. Thanks for the question!

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      Sergio Sanchez

      Thanks, Mark, for your help. It worked beautifully. Yes, it would be great to have it in the export settings. I appreciate your input.

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      The settings change works well to export into DD. However, it would be nice to be able to format the Lat/Lon coordinates to have the ‘N’ & ‘W’ in front instead of at the end.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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