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      Mike Witmer

      I have a drawing where my blocks are tagged under one layer but disappear when a different layer is turned off. Only the blocks disappear, text and lines within that layer are untouched. I can see if I created objects in one layer and grouped them under a different layer, but these are blocks created by TPC. I converted one block to a group, turned the layer causing the problem and my newly converted group remained, while my blocks disappeared. I should not have to convert every block into a group just in case they may disappear. I’m also spending 15 minutes reviewing my drawing to make sure nothing else disappeared while printing various drawings. I checked under “Drawing Data” initially and didn’t seem to find anything out of the ordinary

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      Did you get a response from Mark on this?
      If not, please post the TRV file here with a note about which blocks.
      Beginning in TPC 2019 R1, block objects can reside on their own layers. So you want to give some thought to how blocks will react to turning layers On/Off if you create them this way.
      Most of the time, we create blocks, like details or title blocks where all the objects in the block reside on a single layer.

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