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      Tom Purdum

      I am having trouble customizing the keyboard shortcuts. specifically in the drawings menu. I can assign a shortcut, lets say to LINE, it works once then disappears. Has anyone experienced this? I am using 2019 premium. Also, running this on a Mac via parallels.

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      We tried it and got the same result you did. Will write it up as a bug and get a fix out to you soon.

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      We fixed this bug in v19.0.5.9 and v19.1.2.4 hot fixes. You can find those in Help, Support (this version) and download the hot fix.

      When you choose View, Customize, Keyboard, you also need to select DrawingView from the Set Accelerator for: pulldown. Then, select the Category and Commands to create shortcut keys for.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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