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      I am not seeing the “Surfaces” selection under the Manage Menu. I am trying to create a surface from a topo traverse that contains the field points. The help says to turn the points to topo type – I do not see that option, after selecting the traverse and right clicking as instructed. The only menu I have found with the “Topo On” option is by right-clicking a point in the drawing view.

      I am just getting started using TPC and any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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      Best to open Help, Content (online) and open the Surfaces chapter. It has a Learning page the provides short videos on how it works.

      You add surfaces in the Surface Manager (like adding traverses in the Traverse Manager). Then you tell that surface which points to use and it pulls in any points with Topo On set.

      Let us know if that gets you going.

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        I believe my problem is that my installed version is the Personal one. I am waiting on new dl link as mine expired. (Like I said, newbie)

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