Need help adding a ROW description to a survey

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      I’ve been learning surveying for the past few years, using Ghilani and Wolf and working with TPC 2015 Professional. I’ve create a survey of our 25 acres here in Vermont. It includes boundaries, topo and a control network adjusted using least squares.

      But I’ve run into a problem, I haven’t been able to figure out: The deed describes a ROW I’d like to add to the survey. I’d like to add enough points such that (in the spring lol), I can stake it out. It’s not complicated but a portion of it include a radius. I’ve tried a number of things but admit defeat here and would be willing to pay someone a reasonable amount if need be, to add the ROW to my survey. A few years ago, a kind Vermont surveyor who uses TPC helped me add the topo, and some alignments, but I’ve lost his contact information.

      If interested, I can email both the survey and the ROW description. Thanks very much in advance.

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