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      When installing TPC updates, if applications are running that use files which TPC needs to replace, a dialog box appears stating the problem and you have two options: (1) have the installer try to shut down and restart the applications, or (2) restart later. Before selecting either one, I tried to close the apps myself, but some of them I did not know how to close (Apple Push, ICloud, etc.). Those apps apparently run in the background and probably have to be shut down with Task Manager, which I prefer not to do for reasons I won’t go into. Anyway, after shutting down what ones I could, I selected the first option. The installer came back and said it could not shut down the apps and that I would have to attempt to install again later. The only option at that point is to “Finish” (quit the installation). Why not present the second option again (Restart Later)?? Or am I not understanding what that second option means? What does the second option mean? Does it mean restart the computer later or does it mean restart the applications later?

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      Are you 1) do an automatic update from inside TPC (Program Settings, Automatic Update) when TPC starts or 2) doing a download & install? They use different mechanisms for their installs.
      Let me know and I’ll track this down for you.

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