PDF Files are not recreating my easement lines properly.

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      See attachment. All those easement lines and the eaves of the house are drawn originally as Dashed_2 at 0.00″ and they run from p/l to p/l. Yet when I print it as a PDF it comes out different. What have I done wrong?

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      By jacking my line width up to 0.01″ all those traverses came into the PDF correctly but for that Building Setback. It’s still short and looks like a 0.00″ on paper. Restarted TPC a couple of times and even rebooted the machine, no luck. Then after banging away on the line type in Traverse Drawing Settings I finally just right-clicked Properties and edited the line by hand into a 0.01″ and it works.

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      I run into 2 issues sometimes with PDF files and they happen in both the Traverse PC PDF driver and my Adobe PDF driver
      1. sometimes the dash length of dashed lines is not reproduced exactly in the PDF file. I can usually fix this by selecting a different dashed linetype, like DASH-2X to get what I want.
      2. a 0.00 line width is a special beast. It is suppose to use just one pixel in the Drawing View. As such, it doesn’t always reproduce well when exported to a PDF. I rarely use 0.00 in a final drawing.

      So the two of these come together when I want to show adjacent lot lines (not surveyed) as thin dashed lines. If I am producing a PDF, I will usually opt for a color like Light Gray, a 0.01″ thickness and one of the dashed line types. This gives me the results I want.

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