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      Matthew Waldner


      I am having troubles inserting my points where there is an invisible circle covering up my text for the points. I have attached a picture of what I am talking about if anyone is able to help me. Also I was wondering there was any way to get the text for points closer to the actual point. According to the label settings I am as close as possible but I feel like there should be a way to get them closer without grabbing each individual one.

      Thank you

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      Most likely, this is an issue with background clearing.
      In the drawing view
      – choose Tools, Drawing Settings and click the background clearing tab.
      – turn off background clearing or set it to a smaller value

      You set the distance the point labels are away from the point symbol’s insert point via the Offset value.
      – double click any point label to open the Traverse Drawing Settings dialog
      – in either / both the Control and Sideshot tabs, click the Format button down next the point label
      – look for the Offset value and reduce it

      Hope this helps

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      Matthew Waldner

      Thank you John, that did help.

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