Radial Bearings

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      Can I auto label for Radial lines “Bearings” ?


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      Answer to my question is yes? is this correct? And I would specify the label under the sideshot traverse drawing settings or under the curve/spiral tab. In this case the the box is checked for showing rays, and the label for the rays is ghosted out? Suggestions?

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      We grayed out the label option for the radial rays because we had some issue with it.

      We are hoping to get it working properly and turned back on soon.

      In a pinch, you can snap a survey space line manually where the ray is and label it. Not automatic like everything else, but doable if you don’t have too many of them.

      Thanks for asking about it.

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      Mark Lull

      Another option in the meantime would be to have the Horizontal Curve dialog box create the radius point and then recall it as sideshots from the PC and PT of the curve and have the traverse draw and label the radial lines.

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