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      Hi guys,

      I have read the information from the help menu and still was unable to compute nor input the data in the “Choose Edit | Insert New Point | Append Resection. ”

      Can anyone advice on the easiest way to input, and add how to compute the unknown point?

      Thanks a lot.


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      In the Traverse View, you want this sequence for a 2-point resection. The BS and RS points must have coordinates already.

      Point Type Data Note
      1 point being computed
      2 BS [distance]
      3 RS [distance] must be clockwise direction from BS

      Just add any additional RS points for a Least Squares solution. These don’t require CW direction.

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      Charles Hampton

      Just to add to the previous reply, in the traverse manager, I use the point type to set up my resections. Put in you occupy point, then your back sight, then when you enter your resection points, you change the point type to “RS=Resection”. Other than outdated NGS data sheets, I have had no problems with it. PS, the more point the better the results.

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