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      Gary Ganjon


      I’m not sure where this might relevant, but I have a question or query on displaying acres and square feet to the proper number of decimals. I am showing square footage to the nearest square feet and I decided to show the acreage to 5 places after the decimal point as the number of square feet in 1 acre has 5 significant digits. I know there are places that show square footage out 4 or 5 decimals to the right of the decimal because of the value the land.

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      When displaying Acres, a 1 sqft change shows up as 0.0000230 acres. So yes, you need 5 decimal places for that. A 2 sqft change will show up as 0.0000460 and when rounded to 5 decimal places will display as 0.00005. I’ve had surveyors in downtown dallas tx that display more than 5 because of the sqft $$ of land.

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