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      Charles Hampton

      I have done several resections with TraversePC, with one not working for me. In an older software package that was run on a Hewlett Packard main-frame, you receive a “strength-of-figure” aanasys. Is there any such option with TraversePC?

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      For a 2-point resection, which does not use least squares, make sure you turn the angle from the first point to the second point clockwise. Just a requirement.

      For a resection with 3 or more points, TPC does a least squares solution. I don’t see anywhere that TPC reports the strength of the solution for you. We can certainly add that to our list. In the mean time, if you have a critical need for a report, you can do a Least Squares Network analysis and get a full report. You can just select the points involved and TPC will nicely generate a small LS Network with just the points you want. If you first protect the resection points first, they will come into the LS Network as the fixed points.

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