What’s up with the Pick points on anything?

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      Jamee A

      I move text lines and paragraphs around to accommodate the scale of the survey. I have downloaded and am having a terrible time finding a pick point on a line of text. Example: Descriptor for hydrant was overlapping a survey line of curb, I picked the HYD text NINE times and each time the dialog box came up to change text name, size, color, etc etc. This took no time before the new version. This is going to slow down my drafting time extremely.

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      If you try to move text and get the text dialog box, that means you double clicked the text. To move the text, you want to drag-n-drop it.

      Here are some pointers that might help.

      You control how you identify the text under the mouse cursor in the Drawing View via View, Format View.
      – The Mouse tab has a box called Object Under Cursor.
      – Pick the options that work best for you – accent color, 4-sided arrow, etc.

      Use the Ctrl key to pick the next object down
      – when two drawing objects are drawn over the top of each other, like your hydrant text and the curb line, the one on top gets selected by default
      – hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you move the cursor over those objects and TPC will select the next object down instead

      Let me know if those help. I haven’t experienced any slow down in drafting with the new versions of TPC.

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      Jamee A

      john: in Drawing View-View-Format there was no box called Object Under Cursor in the Mouse dialog box. What was checked is “Tool Tips” and “highlight color”. Unless my mouse is set to act like a double click, I am real sure that I did not double click the text I want to move somewhere else.

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