“When opening our new land surveying business in the fall of 2007, we made the choice to go with a major survey software provider based on an AutoCAD engine. After a whole day of struggling to get a finished drawing out for our client, we loaded up a trial version of Traverse PC v8.0 (TPC) and within 4 hours, we were signing and sealing a final plan for delivery.

“Since that time, we have continued to grow our company utilizing TPC. Whether our finished product is a mortgage survey, septic plan, boundary survey, or commercial site plan, our clients have come to expect clear and concise drawings that TPC helps us produce. It is these qualities in our plans that are now being recognized by our local review agencies.

“Traverse PC has the ability to import multiple types of survey/GIS data and customize each type of data for independent drawings. We are able to use the software without months of training just to learn the basic “cadd” engine commands because the software makes sense.  In addition, Traverse PC also includes the best, most personal, technical support we have ever seen in 26 years of surveying.

“If you need surveying software, we highly recommend TPC be at the top of your list. We have found the product and support to provide us with the tools we need to improve our efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness when working for our clients.”

Keith A. Heindel, PLS MD, PA,

Gary J. Ganjon, PLS MD, PA