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Traverse PC and Google Earth in TPC Desktop 2016

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TPC Desktop 2016

Traverse PC to Google EarthWe are hearing great things about the new Google Earth interface. We added this with TPC Desktop 2015 R1 and have been working hard on it ever since. Here are some of the new features you’ll find in TPC Desktop 2016.

Fills with Slider

If you fill traverses, these fills now export to Google Earth. Plus, we give you the option to select the intensity of the fill before you export. So if the fills look just right in TPC but are too bold in Google Earth, just back off on the intensity until they look just right in Google Earth.

Line Data

Lines that TPC exports to Google Earth have a (L) Tangent, (C) Curve or (S) Spiral. Click the symbol and get all the information about that line and it’s survey points.

Lot Labels and Data

Your Traverse PC Lot Labels will now display the Traverse Name in Google Earth along with its push-pin.  Clicking on either of these will display more of the lot information.

Survey Point Data

We’ve been working hard to give you just the data you need in the Google Earth pop-ups.

Point Symbols

We are continuing to expand our Google Earth compatible point symbol library.  Most of the point symbols you use every day are supported in Google Earth.

Side Shots

You can now export side shots with your traverses and even import them back into TPC. TPC’s KML/KMZ files now know about side shots, so you can keep your traverse formats going in and out of Google Earth.

Traverse PC to Google Earth

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Mark Lull, Technical Support
Mark Lull - Traverse PC Technical Support

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