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Google Earth Enhancements Coming in 2016!

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Oliver Bochsler: Google Earth Enhancements Coming in 2016!

With the release of TPC Desktop 2015 R1, we added KML files to the list of supported file filters that we can export and import. TPC 2015 R1 supports exporting and importing traverses, points, and surfaces, but we didn’t stop there. The release of TPC 2015 R2 continued the support of KML and added support for KMZ files. Other improvements were made as well.

As every good car owner knows, maintenance is the key to a vehicle’s longevity and performance. The same is true of software so we spent time greasing TPC’s KML/KMZ zerks to keep things rolling smoothly for you. With the year starting to fade in the rearview mirror,  you’re probably chomping at the bit wondering, “What will they do to improve KML/KMZ in TPC 2016 R0?”

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KML File with Filled Traverses - SmallSome people like to use solid or percent fills in their lots. This is great because TPC will be able export those fills to Google Earth. When you’re exporting lots with fills, the KML/KMZ settings dialog has a check box to denote wanting to export the fills and a slider to set the opacity of the solid fills. Percent fills will use their percent as the opacity value. Don’t forget about importing; lots with fills can of course be brought back into TPC and they will appear the same as when they were exported. Pretty neat huh?

Sideshots will also be supported on both import and export.

Lot labels tagged for a traverse being exported will be displayed in Google Earth as a yellow pushpin placemark in the center of the lot. It will contain the lot labels tagged from the Traverse Drawing View Settings dialog.

We’ve worked hard to bring more KML/KMZ features into Traverse PC. I love to hear about people who are bringing this geodetic art piece into their office and loving it. It makes me excited to continue support and to continue programming new KML/KMZ features into Traverse PC. When the year finally turns keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for the new version of Traverse PC Desktop set to be in January of 2016.

Oliver Bochsler, Software Developer
Oliver Boschler - Traverse PC Software Developer

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