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Improving Workflow and Efficiency

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we are all very excited about the improvements we are making to TPC Desktop. The reason is that all of the improvements we are making have the potential to save you a lot of time.

From the very first version of Traverse PC, we have focused on improving your efficiency by providing tools that are intuitive for surveyors to use and that allow you to automate much of your workflow. The more things we can provide user-customizable settings for, the easier it becomes for you to set things up one time and then use them many times. This provides maximum flexibility while ensuring consistency, accuracy, ease of use and efficiency.

Every time we consider making a change to TPC Desktop, we go through a process that considers several factors. These factors include how many of you would benefit, how many resources are required to implement it and, above all, how do we implement it to provide the best user experience possible.

I had really wanted to start telling you about some of the other things we are working on for TPC Desktop 2017 but I think we’ll hold that surprise a little longer. What I can tell you is that we have a few really great improvements coming that, I think, will knock your socks off. Rest assured that all of these improvements are designed with the user experience in mind so that they can shorten your workflow and improve your efficiency.

No other software can do what we do, what Traverse PC does!

Mark Lull, Technical Support
Mark Lull - Traverse PC Technical Support

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