TPC Desktop is an Invaluable Resource for Creating Archaeological Site Maps

Since TPC Desktop was designed as a tool to map land surveys, it has become an invaluable tool for archaeologists worldwide.

Archaeology Mapping

Archaeology Site Surface

That’s because our software focuses on the data archaeologists collect in the field. It then maps the data automatically when it’s entered or uploaded using our coordinate geometry and surface mapping tools, making TPC Desktop the perfect solution for archaeologists to create a detailed, feature-rich site map. Our software offers the following features, plus much more:

  • Customizable Grids
  • 2D or 3D Coordinates
  • Point Codes
  • COGO (Coordinate Geometry)
  • Unlimited Drawings per File / Project
  • Unlimited Surfaces per File / Drawing / Project
  • Volumetric Calculations

Would you like to use software that is perfect for mapping archaeological sites? Contact us at 800-460-3002 to talk to a real person or fill out the form to get all of the answers you need.

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