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The problem with CAD drawings and stakeout is that too often, the next line doesn’t start where the last line ended.  We’ve all gotten caught trying to figure out what happened.

TPC Desktop™ eliminates those inherent CAD errors with tools like our Convert to Survey tool, which catches the places where one CAD line doesn’t start where the last one ended as it converts drawings to data you can stake out in the field.

Just pick any polyline, lines, arcs, splines and TPC checks for errors as it converts them to survey points and lines for stakeout. TPC Desktop can:

  • Import CAD entities directly into TPC Desktop with layers, blocks, line types, labels, hatching
  • Import the CAD drawing as an XRef and still access any entity or layer you want
  • Convert individual entities, multiple entities and/or entire layers to survey
  • Easily export to your data collector with our dozens of built-in data collector formats
  • Generate a stakeout report comparing design and as-stake positions, date and time
  • Easily plot your as-built drawings


Can your civil engineering or CAD software package do everything you need? Accurately?
It’s one thing to have a position on a CAD drawing and quite another to know where it is on the project site.  That’s where TPC Desktop™ shines.
TPC Desktop is comfortable working in gird/ground coordinates, GPS/GNSS positions, State Plane/UTM, stations/offsets and helping you maintain the correct relationship they each have to the other. With TPC Desktop you can:

  • Compute offsets, setbacks, points on line and pretty much anything else you need
  • Check line work from CAD drawings so that each line starts right where the last one ended
  • Convert grid to ground and export just the points you want to your data collector, total station or GPS

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