TPC Desktop™ Professional Edition does the Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

With True Bearings and Ground Distance per the 2009 BLM Manual of Survey Instruction

Other retail survey software doesn’t think in PLSS, but TPC does.

  • true direct and inverse geodetic computations
  • ground distance areas – precise
  • geodetic closures (say good by to Apparrant Misclosure)
  • double and single proportion with batching from traverses
  • grant boundary, irregular boundary, and more…
  • geodetic mapping (true bearings and ground distances are automatic)
  • drawing templates for Dependent Resurveys
  • import GMM
  • Least Squares with blunder detection
  • combine GPS / GNSS / Terrestrial / Compass & Chain / whatever you measure

Would you like to use the perfect software for PLSS surveying?
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