Traverse PC™ Brings Survey Grade Precision to Civil Engineering Projects

Civil Engineering Survey

Lake Mead Intake 3 Tunnel Map

Civil Engineering Survey

It’s one thing to have a position on a CAD drawing and quite another to know where it is on the project site.  That’s where TPC Desktop™ comes in.

TPC Desktop™ is comfortable working in gird/ground coordinates, GPS/GNSS positions, State Plane/UTM, stations/offsets and helping you maintain the correct relationship they each have to the other. Can your civil engineering or CAD software package do everything you need? Accurately?

  • compute offsets, setbacks, points on line and pretty much anything else you need
  • check line work from CAD drawings so that each line starts right where the last one ended
  • convert grid to ground and export just the points you want to your data collector, total station or GPS

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