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Steve Carlson map
Steve Carlson map

Land Developers

Traverses are the perfect way to develop land because they organize all the pieces automatically. We like to put traverses, which are simply any data you choose to track on a drawing, into different groupings. So all the lot traverses are together, all the utility traverses are together, and so on. That way, you can get back to the project any time and pick up right where you left off. Best of all you can name anything a traverse and group whatever you need. Perfect for those complex projects with multiple phases or plan b situations.

With TPC Desktop™ you can easily:

  • Layout boundaries, roads, lots, easements, setbacks, utilities
  • Automatically label all lots, areas, points and lines
  • Choose from hundreds of built-in fonts, point symbols, line types, line labels, hatch patterns
  • Have automatic 100% data association – update the position of a lot corner and all areas and annotations update automatically
  • Automate tables and legend draw themselves
  • Generate any number of surfaces with contours, volumes and slope analysis
  • Survey can have any number of drawings, so you can easily create drawings for planning, recording, promotions, etc
  • Share your work with CAD, LandXML and GIS
  • And so much more!

Site Use & Land Use Planners

Because planning is done on the front end, long before you generate any revenue from the project, you want software that helps you get your ideas on paper quickly and accurately, but will all the flexibility to make changes as you go.  That’s where TPC Desktop’s traverses really shine. With Traverses:

  • Show boundaries, easements and right-of-ways over the top of background photos
  • Easily move layers anywhere – front, back, forward, and backward using our Drawing Order tools
  • A project can include any number of drawings
  • Generate reports like areas, phrase driven legal description, volumes, and slope analysis
  • Easily share your plans with CAD, LandXML, GIS, PDF

CAD Drawing for Plat Checking
CAD Drawing for Plat Checking

Tax Assessors

Once you check a plat with TPC Desktop, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. We built our software to be easy and efficient, something every assessor needs! With TPC Desktop you can easily check:

  • Paper plats – enter calls (bearings distance, radius, etc) into our Traverse View and let TPC re-draw the plat for you
  • CAD plats – select line labels from the CAD drawing and TPC parses them into text and enters them into a traverse
    • there’s even a step-by-step learning guide to show you how
  • Lot closures, areas and setbacks
  • Right-of-ways and easements
  • Subdivision and lot reports
  • Phrase driven legal descriptions for each lot

Best yet, when you use TPC Desktop there can only be one line between any two points – so there is no possibility of boundary error.

Title Companies/Legal

With its easy, customizable data entry and automatic mapping features based on the data input, TPC Desktop is the best tool for verifying a property’s ownership and its status. And with TPC Desktop you can create the same maps that land surveyors create. But without having to learn technical software like AutoCAD. TPC Desktop offers:

  • Fully customizable data entry allows the user to enter parcel data using the same data provided in the documentation
  • Individual traverses for different descriptions and parcels allow matching and divergent comparisons easy
  • Coordinate geometry tools, like Dynamic Offsets, provide precise information about the data
  • Reports that are easily generated from the data and are editable in any word processor
  • Status Verification of any type of title survey including ALTA, ACSM and NSPS.
  • Easy design, so any data, graphics or images can be designed into the drawings to create the exhibits required to prove the case
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