TPC Desktop™ is the Go-To Software for Property Dispute Lawyers to Prove their Cases


With its easy, customizable data entry and automatic mapping features based on the data input, TPC Desktop is the best tool for finding discrepancies and resolving land disputes in your clients’ favor.

court exhibit survey

Court Exhibit A

Land Dispute

Court Exhibit B

With TPC Desktop you create the same maps that land surveyors create. But without having to learn technical software like AutoCAD. We offer:

  • Fully customizable data entry allows the user to enter parcel data using the same data provided in the documentation
  • Individual traverses for different descriptions and parcels allow matching and divergent comparisons easy
  • Coordinate geometry tools provide precise information about the data
  • Reports are easily generated from the data and are editable in any word processor
  • The user decides what data and graphics will appear in their drawings to create the exhibits required to prove the case

Would you like to use the perfect software for proving your case in court? Contact us at 800-460-3002 to talk to a real person or fill out the form to get all of the answers you need.

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