Landscape Mapping and Planning

TPC Desktop™ Can Help You Grow Your Landscape Business

TPC Desktop™ starts with actual property boundaries and areas so there’s never a question about where you’re working.  Locate existing water and electric services so you can design and install the underground before you work your way up.

  • add background images from Google Earth, ESRI and easily add your own photos to drawings
  • any number of drawings per project, like the Landscaping and Bioswale Typicals shown here
  • use drawing layers if you want or draw without them
  • choose from hundreds of ready to use fonts, symbols, line types and hatching patterns or add your own
  • strip plant blocks from existing CAD drawings and reuse them in TPC Desktop™
  • use the automatic legend to identify vegetative treatments
Landscape mapping and planning
Landscaping Rev 3
landscape mapping and planning
Bioswale Typicals Rev3
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