TPC Desktop™ Can Help Stake a Claim to Your Mine


Mine Research & Location

Mine Research & Location

Mine Drilling Analysis

Mine Drilling Analysis

A lot goes into a mining operation.  Sometimes, just locating the claim is a big job itself.  TPC Desktop™ has all the tools to help you, starting with the research and location all the way through planning and developing the site.

  • TPC Desktop’s multiple surfaces are a life saver
    • generate 3D surface models
    • use break lines to model entire surfaces with a minimal number of points
    • compute volumes between surfaces, like excavation phases and contracts
    • automatically generate cuts & fills between two surfaces
    • automatically generate transects (profiles) across surfaces
    • even use surfaces to map mineral deposits
  • with any number of drawings per project, you can plot ownership, leases, vegetation, reclamation, access points and more
  • profile mode lets you plot grades and cross-sections
  • choose from hundreds of built-in drawing fonts, line types, symbols and hatch patterns
  • TPC Desktop’s CRS (Coordinate Reference System) locates your mine in State Plane, UTM, Canada 3TM,  or any other projection you need

Would you like to use the perfect software for mine research, location, analysis and mineral deposit mapping?
Contact us at 800-460-3002 to talk to a real person or fill out the form to get all of the answers you need.

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