Mine Research, Location and Analysis

TPC Desktop™ Can Help Stake a Claim to Your Mine

A lot goes into a mining operation.  Sometimes, just locating the claim is a big job itself.  TPC Desktop™ has all the tools to help you, starting with the research and location all the way through planning and developing the site.

  • TPC Desktop’s multiple surfaces are a life saver
    • generate 3D surface models
    • use break lines to model entire surfaces with a minimal number of points
    • compute volumes between surfaces, like excavation phases and contracts
    • automatically generate cuts & fills between two surfaces
    • automatically generate transects (profiles) across surfaces
    • even use surfaces to map mineral deposits
  • with any number of drawings per project, you can plot ownership, leases, vegetation, reclamation, access points and more
  • profile mode lets you plot grades and cross-sections
  • choose from hundreds of built-in drawing fonts, line types, symbols and hatch patterns
  • TPC Desktop’s CRS (Coordinate Reference System) locates your mine in State Plane, UTM, Canada 3TM,  or any other projection you need
Mine Research & Location
Mine Research & Location
Mine Drilling Analysis
Mine Drilling Analysis
Would you like to use the perfect software for mine research, location, analysis and mineral deposit mapping?
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