TPC Desktop™ Has Amazing Plan Checking Tools


CAD Drawing for Plat Checking

CAD Drawing for Plat Checking

Plat Checked Subdivision

Plat Checked Subdivision

Once you check a plat with TPC Desktop™, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

  • paper plats – enter calls (bearings distance, radius, etc) into our Traverse View and let TPC re-draw the plat for you
  • CAD plats – select line labels from the CAD drawing and TPC parses them into text and enters them into a traverse
    • there’s even a step-by-step learning guide to show you how
  • easily check lot closures, areas and setbacks
  • easily check right-of-ways and easements
  • in TPC Desktop™ there can only be one line between any two points – so no possibility of error there
  • easily generate subdivision and lot reports
  • easily generate phrase driven legal descriptions for each lot

Would you like to use the perfect software for plat checking?
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