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James A. Coan Sr. PLS, CFedS – Renton, WA

I recently completed a complex survey involving several lots, easements, and rights of way using Traverse PC. My survey was pin to Washington State plane coordinate system North zone. Upon completion I created a KML file and brought it into Google Earth.

I did this for two reasons; first, I wanted to look at my survey on Google Earth and check to see if there were any blunders that I could detect. By looking at my line work on top of Google Earth I could check for occupation lines or any blatant problems that my survey may have. I found it to be a good check.

The second reason I made the KML file is to show my client where their property was. By superimposing the survey on Google Earth my client could see where the property was on a picture that they could understand. Needless to say they were very impressed with the procedure and left as a very satisfied client.

James A. Coan Sr. PLS, CFedS – Renton, WA


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