Fully Compatible!

At Traverse PC we take pride in being fully compatible with the industry’s leading companies, allowing you to share files via user defined ASCII coordinates, DXF, DWG, data collector files, and countless other ways.

We make it easy for TPC Desktop to interface with your equipment and convert, import or export files:

  • All popular data collector file formats – TDS, Sokkia, Trimble, Leica, Nikon, Topcon, Pentax.
  • Import/Export coordinates – Accepts coordinates or  geodetic latitude and longitude data.
  • Import/Export Raw Data – Angles/distances or differential GPS; edit & compute as needed.
  • CAD Files –  import / export / edit / view DWG, DXF, DXB, DGN, LandXML for Civil3D – plus easily calibrate them to your survey grid.
  • Google Earth – share KML / KMZ files with data attributes like point label, line length, etc.
  • GIS – import / export / edit / view ESRI files – traverses match perfectly with shapes.
  • GPS/GNSS – choose from our list of Coordinate Reference Systems or import your own.
  • Your old software – GMM townships, Garmin, C&G, Pacsoft, many more. Even simple TXT/CSV files making your data shareable with anyone.
  • Works with your version of Windows – Win  8, 10, 11!
  • Detailed Import Report – Shows every record and the points it creates.
  • USB and Serial Compatible

Contact Us today for a custom walk-through of how TPC Desktop can work for your application!

Import / Export / Deliverables

  • CAD – Import/Export any version of DXF/DWG/DXB/DGN files with layers, hatching, blocks.
  • ASCII – Import ASCII coordinate files created by digitizers, data collectors and other computer programs. The files can have any combination of point number (alpha or numeric), northing, easting, elevation and description.
  • Google Earth – Import/Export either KML and KMZ files, points, traverses, surfaces, lot labels, sideshots and drawings.
  • LandXML – Import/Export XML files, points, parcels, alignments, vertical curves, export surfaces and more.
  • GPS/GNSS – Import/Export GPS/GNSS positions and reference them to your survey.
  • GIS – Import/Export GIS files and their projections or reference them to your survey.
  • RAW – Import/Export popular data collector formats like RAW/RW5/CRD/CR5/SDR/GSI/DC.
  • PDF – Export any maps or data list as a pdf.
  • GMM – Township data for PLSS surveys.
  • Images – Import/Export raster and vector images like GIF/TIF/JPG/PNG files and their corresponding World files into your drawings as background or vicinity maps.
  • TXT/CSV – Import/Export any data in a TXT or CSV file, making it easy to share your data with anyone.
  • TRV – Traverse PCs own file format.
  • And Much More! If you don’t see the file type you’re looking for, please Contact Us for more detailed information on compatibility.
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Deliverable Formats

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