Walk Through a Total Station Survey

Lets walk all the way through a survey in TPC

The objective is simple – walk through the steps to produce a finished survey and send if off for billing.  You’ll use many of these steps for just about any survey you do.

  • we use a total station for this one, but other walk throughs use GNSS
  • each step has a short video – some are a little longer
  • see how TPC does common tasks like adding a legend to a drawing

We’ve selected a mortgage survey where you are asked to locate an existing house on an existing lot and verify that it is where the buyer and seller think it is.

We chose this example because it’s simple to understand, letting us focus instead, on some of TPC’s key concepts.

Where to Start

  • take a minute to watch this video
  • we’ll show you where we are going

Where to Start (1:10)

Starting a New Survey

  • start a new survey
  • create a job folder where you can keep track of all the files related to this job
  • enter a Job ID and have it show up in the title block automatically

Starting a New Survey (4:27)

Using the TPC Desktop

  • learn the bare bones basics about how to get around in the Traverse PC Desktop

Using the TPC Desktop (6:10)

Entering Record Data

  • enter a deed for this parcel
  • learn how to enter bearings and distances in a Traverse

Entering Record Data (10.47)


Checking Closure

  • learn how to create a unique closing point and check the closure
  • pick up any mistakes you may have made entering the deed calls

Checking Closure (8:43)

Entering Field Data

  • you’ll get the nitty gritty on how to enter angles, distances, instrument and target heights


If you typically import data from your data collector you can skip this step.  TPC can easily import geodetic positions or coordinates for any Coordinate Reference System.


Entering Field Data (9:08)

Taping a House

  • sometimes surveyors get out a 100′ tape and take around a foundation
  • it’s a quick way to get the footprint of a structure
  • TPC makes this super simple with deflection angles


Or you can talk around the foundation with your GPS/GNSS and use our Point Codes to draw the foundation.

Taping a House (7:29)

Drawing As You Go With a Working Drawing

  • once you get good with TPC, you realize you are creating your drawing as you import or enter data
  • we like to call this a working drawing

Working Drawing (1:03)

Starting a New Drawing

  • once you got your data where you want it, you can switch to full-on drawing mode
  • we show you how to start a new drawing and set it up the way you want

Starting a New Survey (2:59)

Scaling and Positioning Your New Drawing

  • with TPC, you zoom extents, scale and position a drawing as often as you need
  • and there’s no penalty or time list

Scaling and Positioning Your New Drawing (1:47)

Exploring Drawing Variables

  • TPC gathers data from your survey and uses it to populate drawing variables
  • create drawings faster and with fewer typos

Exploring Drawing Variables (0:43)

Modifying Symbols, Lines and Labels

  • our Quick View™ technology creates all the drawing objects for you
  • then you can simply modify any of them to get just what you want

Modifying Symbols, Lines and Labels (1:19)

Adding Automatic Lot Setbacks

  • Smart Drawing Objects™, like lot setbacks, make drawing fun
  • tell TPC to add lot setbacks, then watch them redraw automatically as you change the setback properties

Adding Automatic Lot Setbacks (1:49)

Adding Offsets To a Lot Line

  • you’ll use this tool a lot
  • we call it a Dynamic Offset because it updates automatically if the offset changes

Adding Offsets To a Lot Line (1:11)

Adding a Legend

  • skip all the tedium of drawing legends
  • TPC draws them for you – automatically

Adding a Legend (0:49)

Adding Automatic Leaders

  • skip the tedium of add leaders to line and point labels
  • TPC draws them for you – automatically

  Adding Automatic Leaders (4:39)

Drawing Manual Leaders

  • when you need them, TPC has all the CAD tools, like drawing leaders
  • take a few more minutes and get just what you want in your drawing


Drawing Manual Leaders (3:17)

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