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Walk through a GNSS Survey

September 27, Wed 2 PM (PDT) 5 PM (EDT)

Objective / Intro

  1. Find existing property corners and set points on line so owner can build a fence.
  2. Est $500 to $700 depending on how hard monuments are to find


  1. Address – Google Maps
  2. Visual – Google Earth via address
  3. Tax lot map – verify location
  4. Surveys – get all lot dimensions

Record Data / Corners

  1. Enter block into TPC to get record locations for all lot corners
  2. Create one traverse
  3. Use Space Bar to repeat direction
  4. Edit Traverse View as needed until it closes – look for mistakes

Corner Search / Ties

  1. Talk to neighbors – start at lot 20 pin
  2. Tie them as I find them
  3. North side pins – several disturbed
  4. East side pin – neighbor showed me where it was
  5. South side pins – GNSS issues

Survey Calibration

  1. Default – use only fixed
  2. Evaluate – RMS float vs fixed
  3. Calibrate and check via stakeout report

Survey Decision

  1. Use found monuments not record corners

Export Lines via DXF

  1. Emlid flow needs lines to stakeout points online, but doesn’t have a tool to create the lines
  2. So we export the lines as a DXF from TPC to emlid

Set Points on Line

  1. Show points set via emlid Flow

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