Fully CAD Compatible

TPC Desktop was designed for geospatial from the ground up

but is still fully CAD compatible.

We Hear it All the Time:

“The CAD files for the project are not on my survey grid”.

That can be a real nightmare, and we’ve heard of some very convoluted solutions to get around it. With TPC Desktop™, that simply is not a problem. Just calibrate the CAD file to your survey. Once you have created a calibration between your survey and another coordinate system used for CAD, you can easily export a TPC Desktop drawing to that original CAD coordinate system.

We’ve also built-in a native CAD viewer into the core of TPC Desktop. This allows you to transfer survey data back and forth between a TPC drawing and a CAD drawing. Convert an existing CAD drawing from one type to another or one version to another. Open a CAD drawing and pull out a value you need.

You can export any TPC Desktop drawing to CAD, with layers, blocks polylines, nMTEXT, polyfacemesh and all the CAD stuff you would have gotten if you had done your survey in CAD. Our Calibration tools make it easy to work with CAD files that aren’t on your survey grid.

Traverse PC is 100% independent, we aren’t tied to any hardware, software or tools. Not only is TPC Desktop fully CAD compatible, but it’s also the easiest survey software to use on the market.

If you don’t like the idea of investing in and learning CAD, or feel you don’t need all of CADs features to do your job, then TPC Desktop is the choice for you!

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