Quick-Start Guide to TPC

Most new users of TPC Desktop

Get up and running in a couple of evenings or a weekend.

We’ve laid out a few easy steps below.  Once you go through these easy steps, you should be able to take off immediately and be productive in your workflows with TPC Desktop!

Step 1

Learn about the TPC Desktop

Learning to navigate through the various windows and controls in the TPC Desktop is easy and intuitive.  Understanding how to navigate and modify the layout to work best with your computer hardware and your work environment will help you avoid fumbling around looking for what you need.

TPC Desktop Learning Guide – see how you can set up your Managers and Views to work best for you.

Pressing the F1 key on your keyboard will always launch the Help topic for what you are working with.

Using the Desktop (7:40)

Step 2

Learn about Traverses

Traverses are at the very heart of how TPC Desktop is designed to work.   They streamline your workflows, making your more accurate and efficient.

Traverses Learning Guide – understanding how to format the Traverse View is how you will be able to accomplish your calculations and COGO tasks with ease.

Entering a Lot Traverse (16:06)

Step 3

Learn about Quick View™ Technology

Because the traverses do the work for you and because every view in TPC Desktop is a view of your data, it is important that you understand how our Quick View™ Technology works.

If you are a long time CAD user, Take Off Your CAD Hat – because TPC Desktop doesn’t work like CAD.

Quick View Learning Guide – want faster drawings?  This is how you do it!

Quick View™ Technology (7:29)

Step 4

Watch This

In this web seminar, we introduce you to the key concepts of TPC: Views™Traverses™ and Quick View™.

Works Like You Think (48:48)

Step 5

Become a Member

Now login and go to the Member Area to find all of the resources that are available to you.

   Learning Center – pick from topics, like COGO, PLSS and Least Squares

   Workflows – pick a workflow and walk through the steps

   Sample Surveys – see what a finished survey looks like

   TPC User Forum – be in community

   Help Topics – take a deep dive on topics of interest to you

   Learning Guides – step-be-step instructions for the most common tasks

   Recorded Webinars – take a deep dive on topics of interest to you

   Frequently Asked Questions – learn what others have asked

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